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Twonkey’s Mumbo Jumbo Hotel

Apologies Twonkeyfans…. Hunchback HQ has been credit crunched, and relocated. We now work on the move with little or no notice, and have cleaned out our Panamanian hidey-hole. With our new reliance on the minimum wage, we’re even thinking of voting for Jezza Corbyn just for extra pocket money. Having a hit-and-run lifestyle like the A Team can make updating a fanblog a bit tricky. Hey, if the A Team blogged like motherfuckers in the Liam Neeson movie, we wouldn’t know. A movie by morons for morons. We’re only talking about the ’80’s vintage here.

And all this travelling, tragically, just as Mr. Twonkey begins an assault in London Town this May. We won’t be around for most of it. We could put a sad face emoticon here and confirm our membership of the emotionally stunted idiocracy, but we’re not gonna.

Although we’ll miss most of the May gigs, we did manage to catch the debut of Twonkey’s Mumbo Jumbo Hotel at the Beckenham Comedy Festival at the end of Feb. Mr. T swung into town to debut 20 minutes of the 2016 show. Here’s photographic proof of the man setting his Hotel up for business. People often say to us ‘you can’t blog for shit, but fuck me, you sure can take a good photo!’ What can we say, it’s a gift! You’ve either got an eye or you haven’t. Contact us for competitive rates.


So how is the Hotel shaping up? Needless to say, everything is tip top. He kicked off with old favourite The Flying Tailor, before launching into the new show. We’re happy to say you know what to expect. The wheel has not been reinvented, observational comedy it aint. If you have a single romantic bone in your body, a story about filet-o-fish might make you change your junkfood allegiance to Burger King. And this year’s classic new song may very well be entitled ‘Macaroni‘. The show went down a treat with the Beckenham crowd, still reeling from the death of their favourite son, Mr David Jones, but not so much that they didn’t make a few jokes about him. But you have to give our own Mr. Twonkey full marks for playing just 20 minutes of his set 400 miles away from home, and bringing the whole hotel with him!

He’s back in London next month for a whole plethora of dates:

Brighton Fringe: Sweet Dukebox 19:00 hours- 6th to the 8th of May.

Nunhead’s Ivy House: 20:30 hours, London 13th of May

Museum of Comedy: 19:00 hours-London 14th of May.

Wandsworth Fringe London: 22:30 hours on the 20th of May, 20:30 hours on the 21st of May.

Don’t Miss It!