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Mr. Twonkey headlines CONFUSE comedy night in London

**Updated with frankly spiffing new photo by Tony Oudot!**

October 24th, London


What makes a good comedy audience? We’ve no idea but if asked before hand, we wouldn’t have picked this as the best set-up for a stellar Twonkey crowd. The room was large in every direction with no distinguishing features, kinda like a school gym, there were too many acts during a long evening, etc, etc. But whadda ya know, it was the best Twonkey audience since… maybe all the way back to the 2011 Variety Night. And that was a Home game. Certainly a better London crowd than the Soho Theatre back in March.

The business plan was thus: get people in for £1 a ticket, and then bugger them senseless with the bar bill. They were selling their own beer at roughly £5 a pop, probably making £4.80 clear profit on every bottle. Fortunately, we’d already been cheaply oiled elsewhere before the show.

Disclaimer: Team Playboys had an unfortunate double-booking we couldn’t get out of, and had been plied with 5 hours of free booze before this show, arriving just before Mr. Twonkey took to the stage (standing room only by then). We had to concentrate like fuck to take the show in, and it also meant we can’t comment on the whole line-up.

Vickers topped the bill appearing as Mr. Twonkey, which we can assume is now officially his stage name. And, always on the lookout to sharpen up his act and go after the Michael McIntyre crowd, he decided to perform the whole thing under a fish net. Which made things at times awkward, at others just totally shambolic, and the audience absolutely frickin loved it! When we mentioned this addition to the Twonkey look, it was suggested the fish net could have been a fetish thing! Erm, I think we’ll go with ‘unlikely’.


What was also pleasing about this Total Twonkey Triumph was that  it wasn’t the first comedy curveball of the night. From the little we did see, it appears most of the acts were a bit off the beaten track. If we’d have been asked to put on the best line-up for Twonkey to headline, we’d have gone with basic stand-ups, allowing him to really stand-out.  That said, we’re not sure you can produce anything to prepare a Twonkey virgin for what they are about to witness. The feller stood next to us was literally doubled over with laughter for the whole half hour!

Puppet Hanratty, who we previously reported looked like he’d been suffering significant abuse between shows, has now been replaced by a new puppet. You can draw your own conclusions about that. And older puppet, the Soul Catcher, now appears under the new name McGillvary. At least our beer-bottle eyes were telling us it was the same puppet. Now, we’d love to give you the first appraisal of new routine Transylvanian Finger Fantasy, to our usual level of more detail than anyone needs or wants, but it was really quickfire dialogue, all over so quickly and… frankly, we were just too pissed to take it in. Sorry. Shit happens.

There were a few greatest hits (sung out by old favourite Goal Girl), but for the most part this was new material, and all less than 2 months after the end of the Private Restaurant run. Next year’s show is looking mighty fine. Look out for a new song ‘Raspberry’ which, on a single hearing, we can confidently say is the most enjoyable song with Raspberry in the title since Raspberry Beret way back in ’85.

So a big thank you to CONFUSE, the fantastic audience and, of course, Mr Twonkey. For our next Twonkey show, we intend to be stone cold sober. But unless it’s an 11am slot, we’re making no promises.