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Paul & Pierre release an album!!!

Eggs Benedict with Mr Wu on the Sea Horse Monorail


Available as a Download Only from the following location:


Santa arrived with a Twonkey theme this year. We are once again the owners of laptopery that actually works (blogging from a tablet did not agree with us – tablets will be the literary death of a generation, you heard it here first). So it’s updates Ahoy from now on. Honest.

And… they’ve finally done it – Paul & Pierre released a (sorta) new album on Christmas Day! With an amazing esoteric title they have been bandying about since the start of the partnership. Existing songs have been pooled together with a handful of new ones:

–        All 4 Paul and Pierre tracks from 2012’s Nest of Knickers

–        2 songs from 2013’s Gasp! (their 2 spoken word Gasp! collaborations are omitted)

–        4 new tracks, presumably from Vickers’ forthcoming 2014 album

–        A short title track, which may remain unique to this release

–        and two alternative ‘bonus’ versions of tracks (Lon Chaney and Marshmallow Nose)

Anyone who has read this blog before will know the score – Paul Vickers has been on a run of albums (and shows) since 2010 which are both unclassifiable and utterly magnificent. He works with a range of absolutely first rate collaborators. For the last couple of years the highlights have been his work with Pierre Chandeze.

Of the four full length new tracks, only one has been heard in public before (to the best of my knowledge). Pissed As A Postman was debuted last month at a one-off Twonkey Edinburgh gig. Prefaced by a back story, the title is explained as a lash-out against Vickers finding his mail in the middle of the street due to an inebriated Postie. Upbeat, catchy, fabulous live… there’s at least one song in every show that – all other riches aside – alone makes a Twonkey show unmissable. In 2014, it could be this one.

Needless to say, it’s an absolutely terrific compilation of some of the very best music released this decade. Both of these guys are releasing five star albums on their own, but somehow the collaboration is just a perfect amalgamation of two very different styles. God knows how they hooked up, but thank god they did.

If there’s any downside, other than the lack of a physical CD release (which could happen yet, and I’m only showing my age here as most of the world no longer gives a toss), it’s that the tradition of naming a track after a late Hollywood star appears to have stopped (at least with Pierre). Although I’m not entirely convinced that Marshmallow Nose wont later be revealed as a love letter to the late great Karl Malden.

But there could be another annual song tradition in the offing…

Of the other two new tracks, Sophie The Aeronaut is about another Parisien olde worlde maverick of the air who would end up a Darwin Awards winner. Sophie Blanchard follows last year’s Flying Tailor as the tragic star of a Vickers number. He must have a book about Parisien aeronautical mishaps on the shelf. Is the Paris Concorde crash of 2000 going to be the big singalong for Twonkey 2015?

The remaining new track, Croc In A Swamp, seems to be a straightforward lament to what happens to a feller when his The Wire Seasons 1-5 DVD boxset runs out, despite that wonderful zoological title. It is perhaps the only collaboration between them so far which isn’t instantly recognisable as the sound of Pierre.

You can take your pick about which version of Lon Chaney you prefer. I’d go with the more conservative sounding Alt. version myself (now on its third album appearance), and if pushed, probably prefer the spacey alternative version of Marshmallow Nose too (listed as ‘Marshmallow Coast’ on the PDF cover).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Stan Laurel is nothing short of absolutely monumental and is the track of the decade as far as I’m concerned.

The entire album is a classic. Tuck in if you know what’s good for you.