Support Twonkey & Jaybird Productions!

Paul Vickers is planning to bring his play – Jennifer’s Robot Arm – to the Edinburgh Fringe this August! And that, folks, costs money. Especially if you’re holding on to the first rate cast, and not hiring a handful of local students, or rewriting it as a one-man play.

This is in addition to, not in place of, his 2016 show which he will also perform in August!

There is a fund raising Indiegogo page where you can pledge anything from 25 notes to three hunner’ knicker! TWO WEEKS TO GO! So get donating!–2#/

We’ve already told y’all how great this play is.


The headacheĀ for artists funding this way is the huge amount of swag they offer. This one is no different: the goodies are tremendous. Posters, scripts, CDs, DVDs, books, photos, memorabilia. Frankly, you’re getting more than your money’s worth on that alone. Much is, apparently, unique to people who contribute via Indiegogo.

Good luck guys.


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