Stinking Bishop now at the Edinburgh Fringe!

Twonkey’s Stinking BishopSweet Grassmarket, Apex City Hotel, 61 The Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2HS

Remaining Shows: Aug 12-17, 19-24, 26-30 2015   21.00


‘I can’t rewrite what’s perfect’ – W.A. Mozart (allegedly)

‘If it aint broke, don’t fix it’ – a Question Of Sport producer on why not one single new idea had infiltrated the show in 46 years.

We reviewed Twonkey’s Stinking Bishop back when it debuted in Brighton in May. It was a five star show then. But given Mr. Twonkey is a man with creative tourrettes, we had to expect some changes to an already magnificent piece of work. The perfect would be rewritten, the unbroken would be fixed.

Don’t worry though, it’s still a five star classic. At least as good, we’d say, as any of the shows that preceeded it. And that includes the award nominated Blue Cadabra, and the award winning Private Restaurant. That’s right folks. The last show – specifically the psychic knickers – won an award at the Prague Fringe Festival in late May. Team Playboys were in attendance at a Prague Awards Show that rivalled Oscar night. And we cried like Gazza at an Onion factory. We have been pretty lazy recently, and will be including some final coverage of Twonkey’s recent travels during this Fringe Period. We caught gigs in London and Prague, and there is a mighty fine recording from last year’s Edinburgh run that you can purchase in a cork-shaped USB stick at this year’s show. The quality is terrific and a permanent record that the show deserves.

Anyway, recent additions to this show include two new songs. Trouble in the Dordogne, the silliest place name in the world, and presumably a collaboration with ex-DOTR bandmate Roger Simian since he was mentioned in the build-up. And Love on Tap, a new song from his play Jennifer’s Robot Arm debuting here. Mr Vickers even hints what we predicted on here months back, that he might end up in a dress playing Pam in the play, possibly at 2016’s Fringe. All roads have been leading here. It’s a fantasy all blokes have, let’s face it.

Stories, songs and gags continue to kick ass. Learn a new way to count oranges. And why you shouldn’t take your eye off Beethoven down the pub. In our favourite bit, Mr. Twonkey claims to have written ‘Cowboys and Aliens’, wondering when he’ll get his share of the massive box office losses. There’s even a gag within the gag. Whoever came up with that pun of a title should have been able to sue them all where they live for every penny, coz that’s all they ever had. Universal Pictures blew $160+ million on a three word fucking pun! And one of those words was ‘and’.

The five tracks that debuted in Brighton are still intact – Mugulverry’s Farm is our current favourite but they’re all great – as well as old favourites like the Ship’s Wheel and Chris Hutchinson. A new puppet appears, a conducktor no less, who debuts his piece for the Chicago Symphony. The keen-eared will notice it’s a mash-up of elements from Oom-Pah’s Moonface Boy (2011). The photo below is from Mr. Twonkey’s triumphant return to The Stand last month after a six year ban, featuring the duck and Mr Hutchinson. He was on his best behaviour this time.

twonkey at the stand

We hope to return to Scotchland for a Week 2 and Week 3 show before the end of this run.

The show is just £6 a ticket, with possibly his best bit of merch yet – the cork USB – on sale for just £5. Get yersels down there right now!

Dates and tickets here:


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