Twonkey Overload!!

What a Twonkeytastic time to be living in the South of England. We’ve had the official opening of the play Jennifer’s Robot Arm in Clapham, then the debut of Twonkey’s Stinking Bishop in Brighton, and finally, coming later this month, the return of Mr. Twonkey to the Soho Theatre.


We’ve also had the unveiling of the 2015 Twonkey product, once more coming as a USB stick, and it’s a corker (literally, see photo). The goodies galore:

  • Hooks, Vine & Sinister, a ‘Best Of’ culled from the four Twonkey CDs from 2011-2014, including 5 fab new tracks
  • The full, final Edinburgh Fringe performance of Twonkey’s Private Restaurant from Aug 2014, in sparkling technicolor MP4 video.
  • An audio book version of Paul’s novella Itchy Grumble as read by the author
  • …and three sample tracks from The Greengrocer (Paul Vickers & The Leg)

So we’ve a lot to get through. But try we must. The plan being a review per day from now till the weekend… of the play, show, new album, new video, and the audio book. If we didn’t set ourselves crazy targets, we’d get nowt done.

And the excitement keeps on coming…

Mr. Twonkey plays the Soho Theatre again on Fri 22nd May, and Sat 23rd of May, before taking his show internationally…

…for our Playboys Prague Posse, whose existence we take on faith alone, Mr. Twonkey is bringing his Private Restaurant show to the former communist capital for a full week run. We have no idea if the Prague Fringe is in multiple languages, played to locals, or to visiting Brits on stag parties. Should you be a Man City fan planning a cheap getaway cum Twonkey visit, be warned that your ‘Better Dead than Red’ T-shirt means something different over there and could get you lynched.

Mr. Twonkey plays in Prague from May 26 – May 30 2015.


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