Jennifer’s Robot Arm – The Play!!


There have been some rumblings in Twonkeyworld. Rumours abound about a possible comedy appearance in Prague, although we haven’t seen anything in black and white. And Mr. Twonkey has also updated his blogspot with – at last – some promotional material about The Greengrocer album, and also the surprising news of a new play, Jennifer’s Robot Arm.

That’s right, he is chucking his hat into the playwriting arena. Some might say ‘Hey, shouldn’t he just stick to what he knows best, and write a song, or record an album, or perform live music, or write some comedy, or do a cabaret show, or write a book, or some short stories, or maybe do a radio play?’

But no, his ambition cannot be contained, not in this world. He’s written a play. That’s Shakespeare country. He’s having it performed in London. Shakespeare country. It’s about a lead character with just one working arm. Richard the Third, Shakespeare country. And if that seems like a desperate connection, we can tell ya that it was the same Richard III that gave Twonkey the title of his last album, ‘Giddy World‘.

Play excerpts have appeared on the blogspot and the Twitter account of one of the performers. We here at Hunchbacks HQ have given these a wide berth in order to keep the experience as fresh as possible. At this stage, only one performance has been announced, a week from today, February 9th, 7.30pm, at the White Bear Theatre in London. So colour us excited.

Some people have said we here at HHQ exhibit a pro-Twonkey bias. This is a blatant lie – the play will receive the same scathing critical eye from us as anything else would. So, we will see you back here in a week’s time for ‘William Who? Paul Vickers takes the London Playwriting world by storm with another Twonkey Triumph!!’


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