Twonkey Transcendent!

Twonkey’s Private Restaurant (*****) is now halfway through its run at the Edinburgh Fringe. And we’ve caught it on both weekends so far coz we are the Twonkey Army.


We gave it five stars back in May on its Brighton debut and nothing was going to stop Mr. Twonkey from still delivering the goods, and not just coz he’s dressed as a Postman.

There have only been a few minor tweaks since then. His stuffed cat (see photo above) has been scalped of most of his hair, which can now be found down the knickers of the ‘attractive lady’ puppet. Honestly, this kind of behaviour wouldn’t even go on in the Vatican! And a hilarious parody of Hands Off Mussolini has also been cut.

Signature song Pissed As A Postman was unexpectedly dropped from the Aug 10th gig. He may simply have left his costume at home, but that doesn’t make for good copy here at Playboys With Hunchbacks, oh no. So let us report that the night before, a local Postie threatened to punch Mr. Twonkey – right in his ‘potato face’ – if he sung that song just once more.

The bizarre ‘face of a potato’ description actually comes from a mostly great Time Out review:

As you can see, five stars! And four of ’em in red! For a grand total of nine! We do disagree, however, with the notion that these are ‘daft’ comedy songs and not ‘anthemic’. The Vickers songbook can take the Pepsi challenge against absolutely anyone this decade. He’s as anthemic as Coldplay, and a whole lot more. We hope the reviewer has a chance to listen to the albums. His opinion would surely change.

The Scotsman run a different star system, where they give up to five white stars, but any additional stars (the equivalent of moving up a ‘dan’ in Karate if you’re already a black belt) are overlayed in patriotic Scottish blue. See below:

Another all-colour nine star review for our man! Some say the blue stars count double, and that makes it… 13 stars! Woohoo! We do the sums for you at Hunchbacks HQ.

Will Twonkey garner another award nomination this year? He certainly deserves to, but you can’t second guess that lot.

At HHQ, we’ve pretty much given up on comparing the Twonkey shows and albums against each other – they’re all amazing. Having said that, the general consensus within Team Playboys is that this is his best show and best bunch of songs yet. So there you go. We do miss Stan Laurel though. So much so that we got an alternative Stan fix at this year’s festival, catching the ‘And this is my friend Mr Laurel‘ show at The Pleasance. It’s exquisitely conceived and performed (by Hi-Di-Hi’s Jeffrey Holland), a great retrospective of Stan’s life and career. Even if it failed to mention his participation in the Annual Ulverston Pensioner’s Fun Run.

Twonkey’s tuck shop now boasts of six masterworks for your purchasing pleasure. The accompanying CDs for the four previous Twonkey shows (2010 – 2013), a USB stick for the current album (Giddy World, 2014), and the book Itchy Grumble. All on sale for £5. As a body of work for the decade so far, it’s an unrivalled jaw-dropping achievement.

Itchy Grumble is onto its second printing (at least), although the copyright page doesn’t mention it. The cover is centred slightly differently now, it’s minutely less green and the book now sports a barcode on the back cover. Unlike the postman story above, on this more trivial issue you can take our comments as the word of God.

It’s the show of the year, folks. Get yourselves along whilst you still can.



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