One week till Twonkey 2014 !!

Just one week, folks, until Twonkey’s Private Restaurant is unleashed at the Edinburgh Fringe. 8.45pm at Espionage. It plays from July 31st to August 24th, with just one night off (the 12th). That’s 24 performances y’all.


And if that aint enough Vickers for ya, Steven Vickers aka Victor Pope plays at The Phoenix Pub in Broughton Street @ 8.45pm every night. Annoyingly, this is the exact same time as the Twonkey shows up the road, which means we’ll have to sacrifice a Paul gig to see Steve. We’ll do it just this once.

The clashing schedule of their shows is such a bizarre co-incidence that it’s surely a time for some completely unfounded rumours. And if we don’t start ’em, who will? Exactly. So we reckon the feuding Vickers Bros make the Gallaghers look as tight as Jedward. Their shows have been deliberately clashed to avoid the ‘Get off!’ and ‘You’re Shit!’ sibling heckling that, frankly, has brought comedy and song into disrepute. It all goes back to a stolen Tunnocks Teacake 34 years ago apparently.

Our advice is, at the end of a Vickers gig this August, buy a CD from the Vicker concerned and say ‘I saw your brother last night and he rewrote the book on ‘How to be Fuckin’ Ace!’ You know, just to wind that particular Vicker up.

Twonkey’s Private Restaurant has already been previewed in Brighton, reviewed here, and is another classic show. Do not miss it! And, if you have another free night, we recommend the Victor Pope show. His albums are terrific and he impressed Team: Playboys the one and only time we caught his act before, way back in 2011.

We’ll be checking out both shows on opening weekend.

And a review of the new Paul Vickers album, Giddy World, on sale at this year’s Fringe, will appear before the Festival kicks off.


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