The return of Paul Vickers & The Leg!

They’re back! Paul Vickers and The Leg performed a support set at Edinburgh’s Citrus Club on Friday 25th April. After three years of blogging about Mr Vickers’ adventures, we had yet to see him in the environment which made him famous in the first place, making us a modern day David Attenborough who had never been further than a zoo. But no more! We have finally earned our stripes.


In a bizarre co-incidence, on our travels to the gig – Essex to London to Edinburgh to Glasgow back to Edinburgh in about four hours – we passed a bar en route to The Citrus Club which was advertising a gig that very night by The Victor Pope Band!!! Sadly we couldn’t be in two places at once, so had to give it a miss. And no sooner were we inside Citrus, than our pint was spilled by the drummer from The Leg. Now, we’re not idiots and know that drummers have been known to balance an inferiority complex with acts of extreme violence. Even without his sticks he looked handy. We apologised for having placed a beverage within his path and he thankfully let it pass.

The gig itself was magnificent. 30 minutes, 8 tracks. Vickers was in fine voice and The Leg are a class outfit. And we got the great news that their third album, The Greengrocer, is currently being pressed. This album was reportedly complete and ready for release two years ago and had dropped off The Leg’s own website so we thought it had perhaps been scrapped. But it’s coming, and better yet, the snippets we got to hear were fabulous. The only downside – for us, as 21st Century pioneers – is that the album is coming out on Vinyl. We are, quite frankly, mystified at the resurgence of such an outdated format, which we hated even when there were no decent alternatives to be had. And coming after we witnessed the introduction of tram lines on the streets of Edinburgh… I mean what the fuck is going on up there?!? Albums coming out only on a pre WWII format, trams being reintroduced like it’s 1873, and an independence vote to take Scotland back to the glory days of 1295! That’s our rant for today. Thank you for listening.


The setlist (new song titles obviously guesswork)

1. Bridge Song (from The Greengrocer)

2. When The Wand is Wild (from Tropical Favourites)

3. Horns on Anvils (from The Greengrocer)

4. Vinegar Mask (new track, possibly from Twonkey #5?)

5. Wild Geese (from Tropical Favourites)

6. Itchy Grumble (from Itchy Grumble)

7. My Trifle (from The Greengrocer?)

8. Car Horns of Rio (from Tropical Favourites)

The performance’s most amusing moment came in the outro to track 7, as Vickers sang ‘My trifle’ over and over. In between, an on-the-ball audience member shouted out ‘whose trifle?’ and Vickers had to fight the laughter to finish the song.

The following acts were comedian Ted Chippington and 80’s band The Nightingales. Chippington has the rather unfortunate label as the main influence on Stewart Lee. Which means he is to Lee what Richard Wagner is to the Nazis. But sadly Chippington is still alive (and working!) to witness this reputational freefall. Poor fella. I had never heard of The Nightingales but enjoyed their set, played as a continous melody from start to finish.

As the new Vickers / Leg album gears up for release, we will shortly give an overview of Paul Vickers & The Leg so far – which consists of 2 albums, a non-album two track single, and a brief live appearance on DVD.

But for now, the spotlight turns back to Twonkey’s Private Restaurant which makes its Brighton debut in just five days time! Woohoo!


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