Twonkey releases Blue Cadabra – the FULL VIDEO!

Wow! Paul has just dropped a FULL SHOW of Twonkeys Blue Cadabra onto youtube. I guess that’s final confirmation that this show is behind him and it’s full steam ahead for Twonkey’s Private Restaurant. We’ve seen filming at a few shows and always hoped they’d sometime see the light of day, maybe even as DVDs. The Itchy Grumble book launch, more or less Blue Cadabra’s debut, was also filmed and was a corker. Not to mention the first three Twonkey shows which we have to assume were shot in full as highlight reels are available. Let’s hope they may slip out one of these evenings, especially as we saw Twonkey’s Castle just the once and Twonkey’s Cottage not at all. You know how that makes us feel?



NOTE: Blue Cadabra opened to a backing track of Gooseberry Tree, followed by a cover of George Harrison’s Shanghai Surprise. For obvious reasons, the video begins after the Harrison song.

It’s a great show, but pay particular notice to the debut of Pissed As A Postman. It gets a unique ending, not present in the recorded version, with Paul coming in a little early on ‘How it goes down’, then pausing to finish at the right spot. It’s bloody fantastic. In London, he gave this song a third different ending. Not that we’re geeks, or paying mega attention or anything. Not us. No. Not havin’ that.

Thanks Paul!


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