London living in a Twonkey Wonderland

Twonkeys Blue Cadabra at the Soho Theatre, 17th March 2014    *****

This show was Playboys With Hunchbacks 7th Blue Cadabra experience. Although we’re a glass half empty kinda bunch, so we see it instead as around 25 Cadabra shows we didn’t attend. But it looks like this was the last, so farewell then Blue Cadabra, you will be missed. We were fighting back the tears during Stan Laurel.

As always, it wasn’t identical to previous shows, with a few tweaks here and there, and a new song at the end. Mr. Twonkey also took full use of the larger stage to do a bit of jogging during ‘Straggler on the Run‘, something he may have regretted later. Say what you like about comedy black hole Michael McIntyre, but the little fucker must be fit to do all that poncing around and still remember the jokes.

A new song was debuted at the show, likely titled Mother Shipton and probably from his next show, Twonkey’s Private Restaurant. It was about an old English psychic known for her crap predictions. Musically though, it sounded like the intro to a Sam Peckinpah Western – another instant classic. No new CD was on sale yet, although he has amassed such a bunch of new material this past year that I’m actually expecting one (despite how many we’ve been lucky enough to get recently).

There were a few screw ups during this last Cadabra, but I judge an artist by how he saves the situation, and on that we have to say he was Gordon Banks-esque.

The Screw Up: Mr Twonkey left his Nose Umbrella puppet in Edinburgh. It has to be said that he is rather fickle when it comes to the puppets. If he’s showing you attention now (that means you, Chris Hutchinson), you’ll be in a bag this time next year. And floating out to sea with the excrement the year after (see Twonkey herself, and the Soul Catcher).

The Save: Mr Twonkey fashioned a new Nose Umbrella out of a cabbage, a carrott and a mop-head he used as a blonde wig, all after arriving in London. Not only did it match the facial characteristics of the aforementioned puppet, it was also topical, given the uncanny resemblance to The Mayor of London himself.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Nose Umbrella

Nose Umbrella


The Screw Up: Often when a comedian needs the help of an audience member, he’s figuring out the best one to use throughout the show. Which person could put a pair of clogs in a sack and actually shrink them with some dedicated shaking? Like Alex Ferguson plumping for David Moyes, he chose badly. I mean you can see from the photo below that Twonkey is telling him to shake vigorously, and the feller looks confident enough…

twonkeys sack

… but did he shrink the clogs? Did he bollocks. We could all painfully see the clogs remained the same size. Ouch!

The Save: He might have forgotten to pack Nose Umbrella, but he had brought a second sack with a miniature pair of clogs for just this eventuality. The switch of bags was almost flawless, and the assistant could return to his seat feeling like he was someone special.

So, that’s it for the Award Nominated Blue Cadabra. A great night to go out on. Twonkey’s Private Restaurant has a lot to live up to, but is looking good so far. We’ll see you back here for a review of the Brighton debut in six weeks. There’s also a show with The Leg on April 26th at Edinburgh’s Citrus Club before that, which we may or may not be able to attend. And the rest of the Guide to Gasp coming momentarily…

Oh, and a big Hunchbacks Hello to Twonkey collaborator and one-man choir John Callaghan. We’ll be checking out his musical duo Eccentronic at one of this year’s Fringe Festivals for sure.


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