Twonkeys Private Restaurant @ Edinburgh Fringe 2014 announced!

I missed it first time around, but the details of Twonkey’s Private Restaurant for the August 2014 Edinburgh Fringe have been given by Twonkey on the text accompanying his Sardines youtube video. They are thus:

Edinburgh Fringe:
Laughing Horse @ Espionage Mata Hari
31ST of JULY to the 24 AUGUST,
Apart from the 12th, 2014.

Same venue as last year, although his time slots keep getting better (if you’re after the drinking crowd). So all looking pretty good. I noticed this blog’s banner (best since 2011!) as I came on to post this. I put that up as a joke in 2011 itself, but now it makes us look genuinely hardcore. Which we are!

In the run up to the Soho gig (March 17th), I’ll finally get around to putting up a complete guide to Gasp! (2013) since it could theoretically be superseded by a 2014 album at any moment.


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