Radio 4, Sardines & The Brighton Fringe

It’s all go for Mr Twonkey right now. Two weeks from tonight he will perform at the Soho Theatre in London. In the meantime he has put up a new video on youtube – demented even by his standards – and been interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Extra by fellow comedian Arthur Smith.

And on top of all that, he’s confirmed the debut of his FIFTH Twonkey show, Twonkey’s Private Restaurant, at the Brighton Fringe Festival from May 3-5, at the same venue he has performed for the last two years.


Here are links for the two short interviews with Arthur Smith, although as these are on iPlayer, the links are only good for a week. The first includes Arthur Smith reading Twonkey’s Knackered Old Twits (to the backing of The Talking Oven) and a performance of Goat Girl on the second.

UPDATE: these links don’t work half the time and will be totally dead by March 9th. I’ve ‘captured’ these and will put them up here when they have officially expired next week.


This is a clip from new show Twonkeys Private Restaurant. The scene was given its performance debut at a one-off show last November.

When I first saw this, I definitely pegged it as mad, mad, mad. On a second viewing, however, the scales fall away and his intentions are as clear as an Ann Widdicombe AIDS test. It’s a thinly veiled deconstruction of the argument for Scottish independence. The scabby stray cat is, of course, Scotland. And Vickers represents England, subtly showing their affluence by sticking a wig on top of his already impressive full head of hair. He offers Scotland / Scabby Cat first sardines, then prawns. But will the feline look this gift horse in the mouth? That’s the big question. And Twonkey dares to do what Andy Murray refuses to. He tells it like it bloody well is. No more prawns for the 12 million Scottish folk on benefits, as currently  subsidised by the English government in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote. The video was released by Twonkey on the same day Standard Life announced they would leave Scotland if Scotland left Britain. That is what is known in political parlance as a ‘double whammy’. It should ensure that the 50% of Scots not in prison and therefore eligible to vote should do the right thing come September.


It’s hard to believe that another year has almost come around again, but Twonkey’s Private Restaurant is all set to debut at The Temple Bar, Brighton, over three nights from May 3-5th. Needless to say, Team Playboys With Hunchbacks will attend one of the nights. The opening has the attraction of being just that, the first run of the material. But the final night means I can take a poster from the wall downstairs afterwards without doing anything detrimental to the show’s publicity. The middle night is, by virtue of its very existence, also an option. Decision, decisions.

Twonkeys’s Soho Theatre gig comes 6 weeks before the debut of the new show but is definitely billed as Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra. I think he is obliged to perform this show as it was the one which garned the TO&ST award nomination, and perhaps such a key gig isn’t the best place to perform a whole new show publicly for the first time. But I’d be surprised if a few new bits didn’t get an airing.




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