Twonkey is coming to London!


Yep, that’s right. The mighty Twonkey is coming to London for one night only. If you live anywhere near the Big Smoke and need any other incentive, I can tell you there’s a strip club just two doors away. It should be a night to remember.

After the Edinburgh Festival last August, it looked like that it was it for Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra, but we have been treated to some additional shows. Twonkey played a one off in November which included two new songs. I Love You So (exact title unknown), as sung by on-stage puppet Chris Hutchinson, and Pissed As A Postman, the new classic from Paul & Pierre. The show, at Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, featured more lighting and costume changes than we saw back in August, and with the new songs was perhaps also a taster for 2014’s new Twonkey show. This was initially to be titled Twonkey’s Creepy Restaurant, but Paul’s Twitter indicates it is now Twonkey’s Private Restaurant. Is this the same crisis of nerve that caused George Lucas to soften the title of Revenge of the Jedi at the 11th hour?

I have no idea if Twonkey is planning another trip to the Brighton Festival this year, but if he is, this London gig may well be the last ever performance of Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra, a show which we here at Playboys With Hunchbacks had frankly ridiculously high expectations for which were totally exceeded.

And that would mean the last performance of Stan Laurel as songs from one year don’t survive into the following year’s show. So treasure every utterance of yip yip yippety yip. And watch with awe at the end as, in a blatant rip off of Doctor Who, the show regenerates into Twonkey 2014 with the appearance of new track Pissed As A Postman. But unlike the weary Doctor, Twonkey remains a youthful Englishman, and not an over-the-hill-will-the-kids-still-tune-in fuckfaced Scotsman. Is Matt Smith even English? I don’t know. And I’ll tell you something else – I don’t fucking care.

Still need convincing? Here’s a taster from the August shows which Mr Vickers put on Youtube. Oh, if only he’d release the whole thing on a DVD sometime it would sell like bleedin hotcakes.

Roll on March 17th!!


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