Twonkey nominated for TO&ST Award!!!


Twonkeys Blue Cadabra has been nominated for a TO&ST Award, which stands for Time Out & SoHo Theatre. The Award is judged by a panel including Kate Copstick, celebrity reviewer from The Scotsman. And the prize seems rather amazing as well – a two week run at the SoHo Theatre! Team: Playboys With Hunchbacks could attend every night!!! But we wont get carried away just yet, as on paper there is just a 20% chance of victory. However, the nomination itself is a step in the right direction, whatever the result.

It is perhaps going to take something like this for the world at large to recognise the utter magnificence of Twonkey as much as we do. I think, at least if he doesn’t win, this could be the start of such things being a regular occurence for him. Not that he’s a stranger to Awards in general – it was this time last year that Itchy Grumble won a book competition leading to publication.

Twonkey has uploaded most of the early Twonkeys Blue Cadabra coverage on his blogspot, so no need to duplicate some of that stuff here. Reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive, and this in a year when they seem to have become much tougher on the acts. I read a few reviews from shows which went down well and even appear to have won over the reviewer… then got three stars. Others have been lucky to get two. The evergreen Tony Law’s* heart is apparently not in it anymore (The Scotsman) and Mike Wozniak, my favourite show this year (other than Twonkey of course), barely scraped by on three stars.

Anyway, here is another link to Twonkey’s blogspot and all the recent reviews / coverage. Like waiting for a bus, Twonkey shows and CD Guides will be uploaded here in a day or two.

Good luck to Twonkey!

*Tony Law’s Tony Soprano impersonation should have bumped his show to a three star minimum on its own. In his latest show, he asks the question ‘What are Black Hole’s accents like?’ which has more than a whiff of Paul Vickers asking ‘What does the Holy Grail sound like?’ on his recent album Gasp! Do great minds think alike, or is Tony a closet Twonkey fan?


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