24 Hours till Twonkey!!

Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra
Date 1-25 August
Time 19:30
Duration 1 hour
Suitability 18+

Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra kicks off at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival tomorrow night. And we have to admit that we’ve been slacking these last few months. We’ve been busy. Playboy-ing and that. And I no longer possess a working laptop. Tablets are far more user friendly, but I wouldn’t want to write anything longer than two sentences on one of ‘em. Rubbish excuse, I know.

Anyway, rest assured that we will make up for it this August with extensive coverage. We shall be reviewing the show (which we’ve seen already, it’s another classic), the new album Gasp! (his best yet – I’m not even kidding) and the new book Itchy Grumble. All during August.

We plan to get our Blue Cadabra on during the first weekend and again in the last.

In the meantime, Twonkey made the list of 50 Must See Edinburgh Festival events!!


Gasp! can be purchased as a download via Amazon…


And if you are in any doubt at all about how good it is, you can listen to Stan Laurel on Soundcloud. It’s probably the best track he’s ever done. Which is really saying something!

Enjoy the show. It’s not to be missed!


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