Twonkey’s Triumph


Twonkey’s 2013 assault on three fronts is now in full swing. Unfortunately, it has rather caught me with my pants down in terms of reviewing all three on here. I’m either busy or hungover – usually both – and haven’t even read Itchy Grumble yet! Call myself a fan?!?

I bought Itchy on Kindle as soon as it was available – it was the first e-book I’ve ever bought and within a few minutes I realised that a) I’d end up reviewing my first e-book experience as much as the book, b) I only had a week to wait to own a hard copy and c) I wanted to read it in one go, in complete silence with scantily clad women topping up my Diet Pepsi and bringing me Wispas chilled just so. (I should add that what I have read so far has been magnificent)

And I’ve now seen Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra twice – once in Edinburgh at The White Rabbit preview, and the opening proper at the Brighton Fringe last night. It’s another triumph. Full review to follow. It begins with a song that isn’t even on the new album (as all shows so far have done), but ends with The Flying Tailor, a new Vickers classic that oddly enough is where the new album begins…



Gasp!, Paul’s new CD, is nothing less than another classic. Are you allowed to say that about an album that is only a week old? When it’s this good, yes. His best album? It just might be, even if you never forget your first love – in my case that’s Oom-pah!, which pretty much makes it the Roger Moore of Twonkey albums. Paul has even included a track called Playboys With Hunchbacks as a tribute to this here blog*. Gasp! deserves nothing less than a full track-by-track guide which will be on here momentarily. Which is another way of saying that the initial review read like a car crash catalogue of tracks and has been consigned to the Recycle Bin. But don’t worry, the Guide will be everything you ever wanted to know about Gasp! but were afraid to ask. In the future when people want to know all about this album, this is where they’ll come.

*Not strictly, or even vaguely, true



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