Itchy Grumble is here!

It’s all kicking off.

Itchy Grumble, Paul Vickers’s book debut, now has it’s own website and is available from already as an ebook (currently priced at £2). The website includes a 6 minute video interview on the origins of the book, etc. Vickers can be seen holding the one tool that has been utilised by all the great Ideas Men throughout history – post-it notes. Pythagoras used to get through two packs a day. Here’s the introductory video:

Vickers also confirmed on Twitter that his new CD has already been pressed and at least one has been passed to a civilian, Mr Tony Law himself. Which means if Twonkey was to wake up one morning and decide that his Gasp! CD was actually the work of the devil and he destroyed all of his copies, it’s just too darn late. Tony will spread the word like the new messiah. If such a scenario sounds a tad unbelievable, it’s happened before!

The book launch for the physical book is next Friday at The White Rabbit sex shop in Edinburgh for anyone who can make it. Here is the poster from their website.


In other news relating to two principle collaborators on the new CD, I found out that Steven Vickers / Victor Pope does have some material available. I came across a ‘Best of’ album, out on youtube of all places, which claimed to have a track each from 12 – TWELVE – of his albums. I thought he was kidding at first, but he released two new ones at the end of last year, and I discovered these available on bandcamp:

I’ll probably cover them at some point in the near future. For now, here’s a ‘capsule review’: they’re fuckin’ great.

Pierre Chandeze, Mr. Twonkey’s other brother (from another mother), also has a new release, with another, his main album, due imminently. Here’s a link:

It’s performed on old school Casio keyboards. All of it! To make such beautiful sounds from such junkshop tat is very impressive indeed. I can also share how you can still find artistry and joy in other old Casio relics. Principally an old Casio calculator*. Go on, off you go and get one and come back when you have…

…got it? Great. Ebay? Hope you didn’t get stiffed on the postage. Anyway, here’s what to do. Turn the bugger on. Right, now type this in: 58 million, 8 thousand, 9 hundred and 18. That’s 58008918. Now turn the calculator around 180 degrees. And read what it says. But before you do, hold on to your sides, as they might just split.

You’re welcome.

*Don’t bother trying this on one of those Texas Instruments calculators or, god help us, the calculator on your fanny phone. It’s all about the font folks, all about the font.


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