Wow! Mr. Twonkey’s gonna own 2013!!


I just had a casual look this morning to see if Mr. Twonkey had updated his blogspot recently. And he has. With a plethora of mind-bending news that’s almost too much to take in on a single reading. To summarise:

  • Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra at the Edinburgh Festival has been announced. He’s in a funky venue and has an evening slot!
  • He has a book due out in April!
  • He’s doing a book launch at the end of April. In an Edinburgh Sex Shop!
  • There will be – gasp! – another CD release this year!!! How does he do it?
  • Featuring 4 new Paul & Pierre tracks!!!
  • And a few tracks from Twonkeys Kingdom that are still unreleased!
  • And Playboys With Hunchbacks!

Get on over to Twonkey’s Blogspot to hear it all from the man himself. And wear a bib before reading that new CD tracklisting as you’ll salivate all down your ‘Scotland Says No’ T-Shirt.

I barely know where to start. Mr Twonkey mentioned winning an award for his book at one of last year’s shows, but never made it official, so I held off from any mention. But here it is! Are Team: Playboys With Hunchbacks free for the big launch on Friday 26th April? Not really. Will we make it anyway? You betcha we’ll try.

And another CD… wow, wow and wow again. 4 new Paul & Pierre tracks is just amazing news. These guys can’t miss. And this year’s Hollywood misfit immortalised by Vickers is none other than… Stan Laurel!! Crazy Fact Time: despite being a Hollywood legend, Stan Laurel went to the same high school as Playboys With Hunchbacks!! Crazy, but true. He also left his phone number in the book, and spent his retirement cheerfully chatting to fans who just fancied calling him for a natter.

Can’t wait to hear what Paul & Pierre have cooked up. Which reminds me. I said on here a while back that Nest of Knickers was their Please Please Me or Ring Ring. Now, since that statement, I’ve been inundated – inundated – with a preponderance of electronic missives pointing out the folly of such a comment. And asking me if I was ignorant of the fact that the Benny & Bjorn songwriting partnership was already on it’s sophomore outing by Abba’s debut Ring Ring due to their earlier album Lycka. You can stop harassing me now – I’ve acknowledged the mistake. So it’s this album that’s their Ring Ring, or their Carousel if you will.

All of which is not to overlook all the other fine collaborators Twonkey has brought along for the CD. Including his brother Steven Vickers. Sadly, Steven doesn’t appear to have any CDs available or any real kind of web presence. All of the songs of his I’ve heard so far have been absolutely superb, not to mention his earlier collaborations on the Twonkey CDs. Both brothers have talent in abundance and there are no less than SIX collaborations between the pair on the new disc. Which is great news. Especially it being such a tough week for the pair of ’em. I don’t know why, but both seem obsessed with ruling over the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics. So seeing another man pipping them to the post this week must have been heartbreaking. Steven changed his name to Victor Pope as if such a monicker would immediately make him Pontiff. Paul’s ambitions are less upfront, but have still appeared in song. Listen to Paperboat from the album Tropical Favourites. In which he sings: ‘You’re going to buy me a paper boat, a paper boat. And we’ll find ourselves a Papacy, a Papacy. In a foreign land, far away, so far away. There will be a Papacy, a Papacy.’ Don’t give me any of that – ‘he meant to sing Paper Sea‘ shit – coz he didn’t. Listen to the final chorus where the last line is ‘from this useless cafeteria, cafeteria‘. This must be a reference to Cafeteria Catholicism, which I’m not even making up. See here. Will Paul ever come within a sniff of becoming Pope? Or will his brother snatch the title away from him at the last second in a Millibandian maneouvre?

Pope or not, Mr Twonkey is gonna absolutely own 2013! Bring. It. On.

‘Everybody knows – wo-ho – everybody, everybody, everybody knows. Plaaaaayboys with hunchba-acks.’


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