Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra coming this May!!!

Apologies for the six month hibernation. Two reasons: firstly, Vickers has been quiet of late since finishing the Edinburgh Festival in August. He hasn’t released an album in, oh, eight months now. Slacker. Sure, he says he has one in the can. But anyone can say that. ‘I’ve got one in the can’. See how easy that was? Secondly, Playboys with Hunchbacks has been unwell. As in hospitalised. As in mystery virus – and that’s not a euphemism for AIDS. Don’t go telling people we’ve got AIDS. Coz we don’t. Back in October we thought we were off to Voodoo Bridge, but it turns out that we’re made of stronger stuff. It was with both disappointment and relief that Twonkey didn’t organise a Christmas show last December as we just weren’t well enough to attend. Same goes for a February gig in Newcastle unfortunately, although we have our fingers crossed that the medical profession’s prediction of a recovery before Doomsday means we can go to Brighton.

Twonkey follows last year’s Brighton weekend with another one which, a few one-off previews aside, is essentially going to be the debut of Twonkey’s Blue Cadabra. Even if we’re still sick, as long as we’re breathing we’ll be there. The show is listed as 3 nights long, May 6-8 2013 @ 18:00, part of the Brighton Free Fringe.

In other news from the last month or so, Twonkey collaborator extraordinaire Pierre has released a free compilation album through his bandcamp account. It’s to showcase the work for other artists, and I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. Save the penultimate track which I noticed with some excitement was titled Lon Chaney (Alt.). And yes, it’s a re-recorded vocal with Vickers sounding closer to how he would during a live performance. I’ve grown eerily fond of the wacky version on Nest of Knickers, so rather than replace it with this new one on my iPod, I’ve tacked the Alt version on at the end of the album. The track truly is a masterpiece and maybe even a career highlight. If it was released by a big act it would probably be a worldwide smash. Pierre would be forced to disappear to Moscow, chucking a hundred Roubles into Vladimir Putin’s back pocket to avoid paying 75% of his hard-earned to the French government. And who would blame him?

So what do we all think of the new Twonkey title – Twonkeys Blue Cadabra. It is breaking with the tradition of the last three shows. Such a thing could mean nothing, or it could mean everything. I found this quote online, which is either from Paul Vickers or Michael Bay: ‘I think with the fourth one, it’s time to shake it up a bit, clean the slate, find some new energy and avenues for the story. And we’re replacing Shia LeBouef with Mark Whalberg.’ If you think it’s a Vickers quote, not Bay, then I’m speechless. Shia LeBouef has never been in Twonkey. I mean really – I’m dealing with a buncha assholes here.


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