Twonkey’s Kingdom: Week 2

Great to be back at Twonkey, even if it transpires that her left arm has gone the same way as her nose. She’s like Darth Vader, more machine now than half dragon half witch.

Anyway, the show, five stars as always, had the following changes from last weekend.

Back in: Yabba Yabba, and a fine performance it was.
Back in: Jennifer’s Robot Arm, complete with Mr Vickers producing nothing less than his own robot arm as a prop! I think it’s time for Twonkey to see if Butch Battersea can fix it for her to have one too. If he’s still alive, that is…
Graveyards of the Moon: opening number of Oom-pah! got a performance!! Wonderful stuff. Having seen just five of 40+ Twonkey shows in the last 13 months, I have no idea how rare this is.

We will be back.



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