Twonkey’s Kingdom: Week 1

The Magic is Back!


The show has already been reviewed here, back when it previewed at the Brighton Fringe. Five stars. There are no major changes to affect that rating. If it ain’t broke… But with another show due on at the same venue straight after, there have been a few inevitable snips (see below).

Something that didn’t occur to me back in Brighton though… the story of the Dumpty Dynasty. It’s Humpty’s two kids, Dick and Darren, who make a living peddling the same tired old shit as a double act on stage until someone bludgeons them to death. And their physical appearance? Half human, half egg. Fuck me, it’s only a thinly veiled allegory for Ant and Dec! How did I miss that first time around? Let’s hope that hilarious number turns out to be quite prophetic.

Check out Twonkey’s blog and Twitter account for the reviews and updates. It’s all good in the ‘hood.

Anyway, we’ve had a request from a young Twonkey fan:

Dear Team: Playboys With Hunchbacks, can you pleez fix it for me to know what all the differences wiff the show from Brighton to Edinburgh are. Pleez. Derek Bright, aged 8, from Crackleeroll.

Now then, young Derek, let’s see what we’ve got here for you.

  • Lyric Change: opening song (title unknown) has had a few lyrical tweaks, nothing major. It’s a lovely little number that starts off like a simple accoustic recording, and ends like high opera. Perfect opener. Sadly it isn’t available on CD as of yet.
  • Lyric Change: Modern Classic Lon Chaney has also has some lyrical changes, referencing more of his film roles directly. It’s the perfect excuse to make another recording for a B-side!
  • No Twonkey’s Kingdom map: The map had previously been shown on what looked like a massive bed sheet. It wasn’t displayed in Edinburgh. So if you want to know how to get to Crackleeroll, you’re up shit creek. But that’s the wrong way! How I would love to see stuff like this on Ebay one day. I’d bid like a motherfucker.
  • Change: The Duck Tales are now delivered with a duck mask on top of his head. In Brighton, this piece was delivered with the mask full on (a pic of this appears earlier in the blog). You couldn’t hear a bloody thing. It was brilliant. But the change is understandable.
  • Omission: The Pub Guide For Pricks has either been dropped, or gets rested occasionally. Or, you know, he just forgot in all that excitement like a Dirty Harry victim. It was a popular segment, it has to be said.
  • Omission: Jennifer’s Robot Arm. Perhaps my favourite of the new stories, this didn’t make an appearance. Not sure if it’s gone for good, or just taking a break. I did love this, but you can still hear it in all its glory on the CD. And hey, it’s not like going to see Chesney Hawkes on the night he decides to rest The One and Only. This might have happened to somebody once. Talk about a bummer!
  • Omission: Yabba Yabba. This Dawn of the Replicants cut is on the CD and was played in Brighton in a much more laidback version. Nice track, but with time being more tight at The Hive and it not being essential to the plot (such as it is), it’s gone.
  • Omission: Forever Blowing Bubbles (cover version). It’s been axed.

This merely represents the changes between a single performance of many in Brighton and Edinburgh. The showreel highlights from Twonkey’s Castle last year featured a song and a section that weren’t there when I saw it, so it’s possible Mr Vickers mixes it around from show to show. We will be back! And we are lovin’ it!

Not only that, but Team: Playboys With Hunchbacks have binned their razor blades in honour of Mr. Twonkey’s new look! Dedication is all you need.


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