Twonkey’s Kingdom – Box Office now open

I had a nightmare last night – Twonkey related. I’d spent a fortune getting to Edinburgh, and had joined the queue for Twonkey’s Kingdom only for the doorman to tell me I was too near the back and wouldn’t be getting in. But I’ve come all this way, I said. Tough, he said. But, I said, look who’s at the front of the queue – that’s Ross Noble, and the guy behind him is Terry Gilliam. They’re not even Twonkey fans, they’re only here to steal the ideas!

It didn’t help me any, the only saving grace being that I woke up in a sweat before it got any worse, and savoured that moment we’ve all had as it slowly dawned on me it had all been a dream.

I don’t want that to happen in reality, not to me, nor to you, my dear readers. And the good news is… some shows (not all) on the Free Fringe are bookable in advance. And Twonkey’s Kingdom happens to be one of ’em (for a token booking fee). Hooray! You can book Twonkey’s Kingdom right now. Needless to say, however, don’t book for a certain date unless you are certain to go, etc. Don’t be a freeloading seat-hogger, coz that’s not the Twonkey Way.

Team: Playboys With Hunchbacks will be attending not just once, not thrice, not four times, not five… not even six! No, we’ll be going twice. If we didn’t have a conscience about taking up too many seats, didn’t live more than 400 miles away, and weren’t worried about ending up on the wrong end of a restraining order, we’d have been there every day.

Twonkey’s Kingdom begins it’s 22-show run exactly four weeks from today. August is officially the new December, and Paul Vickers is a Santa we should all believe in.


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