Paul and Pierre: A little bit of Magic *Updated*

The only official mention so far of the Nest of Knickers CD was in Paul’s Twonkey blog with this here: Paul also springs on us his third album of stories and songs ‘Nest of Knickers’ available at all shows. Featuring the magical collaboration of ‘Paul and Pierre’ and four unreleased ‘Dawn of the Replicants’ tracks.

I have to admit that I had a suspicion ‘pierre’ might be someone intent on remaining anonymous. But that turns out not to be the case at all. From the youtube video, one link lead to another… and I can reveal that ‘pierre’ is Pierre Chandeze. Like Vickers, he’s another multi-talent or ‘polymath’, artistically gifted at a whole bunch of stuff and not a one trick pony like Robert DeNiro or Sir Steve Redgrave. Something else I missed originally… Pierre did the Lon Chaney video himself! How about that! I love the bit where Mr Wu conducts the orchestra. There’s even a Facebook page (link at the very bottom) which is where I’ve stolen the below photo from. It’s nice to see they’ve met in the flesh too, since you often hear about international musical collaborators never having to actually cross paths thanks to midi files, the internet, etc.

Pierre turns out to be Parisien, which just adds a beautiful little bit of serendipity to the Lon Chaney Video Post (that and the appearance of Notre Dame in said video). I mean honestly, the odds of ‘Pierre’ being Parisien must have been a million to one. And what of the collaboration? It’s truly magical indeed. Four tracks appear on the CD and you have to hope that this is just the beginning for them (their Please Please Me or Ring Ring). Eggs Benedict, Lon Chaney, The Magic Invisible Song and Fizzy Lemonade are the cuts made with Pierre. Four absolute crackers – this is a musical duo that just gels. You should be counting the days until August. But you can hear Lon Chaney right now via the youtube video, or as audio only via Pierre’s Soundcloud account below.

Crazy fact time: Two Paul & Pierre tracks appear in both Nest of Knickers and Twonkeys KingdomLon Chaney and Eggs Benedict. This is the introductory text to the Lon Chaney video on youtube: In 1921 Teddy Truffle a retired Chinatown playboy claimed that he had wandered into the waldorf hotel kitchen hoping to find a cure for his hangover. Teddy then somehow bumps into Mr Chaney. It all sounds very Vickersian, and I had no reason to believe it wasn’t entirely made up. But here’s the thing. Other than the following details – 1921, Teddy Truffle, Chinatown, Playboy, wandering, Hotel Kitchen, Lon Chaney – it all happens to be stone cold fact! The year was 1942, the bloke was Lemuel Benedict, he wasn’t from Chinatown, he wasn’t a playboy, he was at the Waldorf but not in the kitchen, Lon Chaney was 15 years dead, Benedict was drunker than Jesus, and he demanded of the Maitre D’ a concoction he hoped would cure his hangover. Et voila, as Pierre might say, Eggs Benedict was born.

It’s entirely possible that Vickers owns The Big Book of Untrue Stories about Egg-based Food Preparation. We take you behind the magic curtain here at Playboys With Hunchbacks, don’t let anyone tell you we don’t.

Anyway, let us finish by saying we hope we haven’t seen the last of Paul & Pierre. Mr Chandeze, we salute you for both the tracks and the video. And we hope the stars align for you to somehow get to see Mr Vickers perform Twonkey’s Kingdom featuring your fantastic contributions.

More of Pierre’s work can be sampled below via his Soundcloud account – there’s some weird and wonderful stuff in there, check it out. He performs under the name ‘carton sonore’ (sound card). Update: Since first posting the above, I discovered the following link where you can purchase downloads of Carton Sonore albums right now!

Carton Sonore on Bandcamp

Petite Themes 1: ***** (which can be purchased for 3€ from the above page)

This is the first solo Pierre album I’ve listened to, and it didn’t disappoint. An absolute delight from start to finish, it contains 10 pieces on all sorts of esoteric instruments. I have no idea what goes on in the underground French music scene (or the UK one for that matter!) so I’m unsure how off the beaten path it is. The only thing I can personally compare it to would be Jon Brion’s score to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Let Petite Themes 1 be the score to an unmade Charlie Kaufman film in your head. I can’t recommend it highly enough. (And I can now also add that volumes #2 and #3 in this series are just as good)

Other Pierre links:

Pierre’s Blog

Pierre on Soundcloud

Paul and Pierre on Facebook


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  1. oh, thanks for this nice article!


  2. Hi Pierre – I’ve updated it with your bandcamp account. Downloading those ‘little themes’ as we speak. Can’t wait to explore it all! Many thanks.


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