Lon Chaney: The Video

Buddy of mine, Big Kev, says to me – this is back in 1993 – says to me ‘Mate’, he says, ‘what do you reckon to that Eurodisney? Little bird tells me you’ve been there.’ I could feel a cold bead of sweat run down my back. Did he know I’d been there with Roger? Was my life about to change? I tried to play it cool. ‘Yeah, loved it. Had a really good time. Great place.’ He says, ‘Ah-ha, you’ve just given yourself away there, mate.’ I felt it was pretty much game over for me then. But he had his arm over my shoulder – maybe I wouldn’t be immediately cast out of my circle of friends. ‘Ok,’ I said, ‘fair enough. I’m gay.’ He looked shocked, absolutely gobsmacked. Talk about misjudging the situation! ‘Haha,’ I said, ‘just joking with ya. You big poof’. What a recovery!

Many years later when I was dating Big Kev’s sister and now probably above suspicion, I asked him ‘remember you said I’d given something away because I liked Eurodisney? What were you on about?’ ‘Oh, that,’ he said, ‘I just meant that if you liked Eurodisney you surely hadn’t been to the much better American versions. Oh, and by the way, I overheard Maureen telling my mum that she respects that you wont have sex before marriage, but says that if you tried to kiss her she wouldn’t object.’


Which brings us to the video of a classic new Paul Vickers track Lon Chaney. I said in the review that the recorded version was no match for the live vocals. The version on the CD is growing on me, especially after seeing this video a few times, which rocks! However, I still think both versions would be best enjoyed by hearing this one first, before letting Vickers blow you away this August when he sings it live at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And I hope the above heartfelt story helps to illustrate the point. You know, that if one thing is superior to another, they are both best enjoyed by hearing the better one last.

Roger, if by some miracle in this crazy, crazy world you one day read this, I only hope that you’ve found a place where prejudice has no purchase and you live free. If your acne didn’t go away, remember what I said: it’s just God’s watermark on your beautiful angst-ridden face.

We’ll always have Disneyland Paris.


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  1. I’ve since been contacted by Big Kev’s sister Maureen who wants me to make clear that we dated ‘in the same way that Michael Jackson and Brooke Shields dated’. Whatever that means. Happy now? Time to face facts, Maureen: you’re pushing 40, don’t have a fella, but can still take time out of your day to compare yourself to Brooke Shields? Sheesh!


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