Twonkeys Kingdom Here We Come!

At last – finally have tickets for Twonkey after all those free shows. Can’t wait.


I also discovered a youtube video taken from the Twonkey Variety Night (December 2011), featuring Hamish Hawk. A few people were filming pretty much the whole evening, so I filmed a few bits myself. But as these could be early drafts of Twonkey’s Kingdom (not to mention they aren’t really mine to share), they wont be going on youtube. Mr Vickers has already uploaded a fair amount from Twonkey’s Cottage and a bit from Twonkey’s Castle which are easy to find.

Anyway, here is the video. For attendees, it’s a great reminder of a fantastic night. Mr Vickers appears throughout although you wont know it’s him until he is unmasked in the very last seconds like a Scooby Doo villain.


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