Twonkeys Kingdom this May in Brighton!!!

Per the last post, our interest was piqued in those who found us during an unusual bit of googling, and we wanted to know if we had been on page one of said search, or deep into Page 40 or whatever. We didn’t get far before discovering a Twonkey’s Kingdom page with nothing less than the news that the show will be performed as part of the Brighton Fringe from May 24th 2012 for 4 nights! That’s, like, six weeks away!

Mr Vickers has been quiet online since a flurry of activity last September. So this is something that could have passed us by completely. August didn’t seem far off any more, but this is too exciting. Especially for Team: Playboys with Hunchbacks who are far closer to Brighton than Mel Gibson’s homeland.

For those unfamiliar, Brighton and Hove is a modern day Soddom and Gamorrah on the south coast of England. A lovely setting hides the fact that the locals have many deep dark secrets. Just like Twin Peaks. A perfect setting to test out the Edinburgh show. Brighton is the Gay Capital of England, although it concedes Gay Capital of Europe to Edinburgh without much of an argument.

The shows start at 9.30pm, which makes getting back from Brighton the same night more than difficult. But if, like us, you’re not short of a few bob, you may wish to consider staying at The Grand Hotel which is on the sea front and has an illustrious history. No less luminaries than ABBA stayed there during their 1972 Eurovision win, and it was also the place, 14 years later, where the IRA were foiled by Margaret Thatcher’s bullet-proof pyjamas. You can stay there for as cheap as £200 a night! It’s at least double that, to be fair, if you want your own bathroom.

Anyway, here is a link with booking details to the May shows. Hopefully a few of the Twonkey faithful will be in attendance:


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