Playboys With Hunchbacks wants YOU!

It’s been quiet around these parts recently. We’ve been busy, slowly working our way through the Tales Of The Unexpected DVD boxset (112 episodes on 19 DVDs for only 72 nicker) and frankly going a bit cross-eyed looking at the glorious spectacle of a 46 year old Joan Collins.

But at the risk of being seen as a fairweather Twonkey site come August, here’s the latest update for April. I say update, I mean plea. Could the person or persons who have found this here blog during a search for ‘hunchbacks fucking’ please stick with us even after you realise this is not the site you were looking for. You’re our kind of people. And you will love the Twonkmeister. Believe you me. If you are UK based, we may even see you in August. Don’t believe it when you hear that Edinburgh is heterophobic, they cater for all kinds.

See you there!


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