Twonkey Christmas Gig! December 16th, Edinburgh

Twonkey, aka Paul Vickers, is playing a gig at The White Horse pub in Edinburgh, complete with special guests. From 8pm to Midnight according to Twonkey’s Twitter.

A free show, eh? I only hope he’s either selling CDs, or taking a cut of the bar. Team: Playboys With Hunchbacks will sink a three figure sum at the bar in that time, easy. And it’s costing us £150 just to get up there for the gig! That’s how dedicated we are.

Here’s hoping it’s a packed night.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Alright guys! fatter brother of Frankie Boyle here,(thanks for that).
    good to meet you last night, hope you enjoyed it as much as me n angie did.

    twonk you next time!


  2. Hello Twonkettes, how’s it going?


  3. Phil! ’tis good to hear from you. I hope we can all meet up again for Twonkey’s Kingdom in August 2012. A big Hi to Mrs Phil.


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