Is Twonkey on drugs? Save Twonkey!

We here at Playboys with Hunchbacks are worried that the money has gone to Twonkey’s head and she’s been having cosmetic surgery, just like a certain Michael Jackson. Or worse, she’s on the marching powder and has suffered from, as it is known in the trade, a ‘Daniella Westbrook.’

Compare this pic of Twonkey, awash with Jacko-esque loot, recently uploaded on, with a picture released at the Michael Jackson trial this week. Look at the similar nasal areas. What’s happened to Twonkey’s nose? Did it just fall off? We all know what you have to do before something like that happens!



We urge a boycott of all Twonkey products until further notice as it looks like the profits are getting plowed straight into the Colombian economy!

We only hope that Twonkey’s Kingdom (2012) doesn’t go down in non-history with Jackson’s This Is It (2009) tour. Is Twonkey worth more dead than alive?

Here is Twonkey in happier, handsomer times, with her God-given nose! But what happened to it?

Save Twonkey!!!


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