A guide to Paul Vickers aka Twonkey online

Here is a quick guide to Twonkey’s online presence. **Since originally posting the below, Twonkey’s blogs haven’t been updated much, if at all**


His site has been on the go for just over a week so far with quite a few updates already. Some of the links I was planning to highlight are included there, so check it out. Also included are links to Youtube videos of his first show, Twonkey’s Cottage. I hadn’t discovered the genius of Paul Vickers at that time, so it’s great to have clips from the show. Exclusive snaps of Twonkey’s Castle are also included – fingers crossed in time we might even see some videos of that too.

Paul Vickers aka Mr. Twonkey also has his own Twitter account. Personally I can’t stand the whole Twitter / social networking thing. Is Twonkey’s Twitter account enough to make me chuck all my principles in the bin? Yes, actually it is. Although you do not have to sign up to Twitter to see Twonkey’s updates, you can just use this link:


During the Edinburgh Festival Twonkey’s Twitter was used to comment on how his run was going. Year round it features Twonkey-isms as and when Mr Vickers puts ‘em up. I refuse to use the word ‘tweet’. You wont see any mention of ‘tweet’ here, not on this blog, no siree, no mention of tweets.  Here is a taster, one of my favourites of his Twitter ‘posts’:

in snooker if you block the pocket with a scotch egg when your mate is taking a shot you may be accused of Packing Aladdin’s wallet.

Some of the older posts found their way into Twonkey’s Castle, but most are Twitter exclusives and showcase his unique imagination. Of course, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and so is a vocal delivery. Much of Twonkey’s material takes on a new life in the utterance. On stage, he describes the birdsong of a robin as ‘quite shrill’, which wouldn’t even remotely resemble a gag on the page. But to hear it during a Twonkey gig, with the sense that the man infront of you believes he is the first person in Western civilisation to attach the word ‘shrill’ to the sound of birds, this is where the real gold lies. You can’t buy that. And it wouldn’t work on Twitter.

Paul also has a MySpace page, albeit it now appears to be a snapshot in time, with updates more likely to appear on his blog or on Twitter:


This site also has some Twonkey exclusives, links to the youtube videos, and four tracks from Oom-pah! If you still need convincing to purchase the album of the year.

One Twonkey’s Castle preview (sorry, can’t find the link) mentioned the MySpace page and reckoned – I’m serious here – that the site was a joke in itself. That MySpace was so uncool, Vickers was having a giggle by even using it. Hmmm, not so sure about that myself. It’s a nifty little page with some fabulous links.  But I wont be drawn on comparing it to Facebook or whatever. No way. ‘twould be like asking Jordy Chandler to name his favourite paedophile. If this was an American blog, those last two words would have been spelt differently. What’s wrong with those fuckers?


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