Twonkey Mania!!!

I’ve been telling all my amigos around Edinburgh to get themselves to Twonkey’s Castle quickstyle and buy some CDs from the man.

One made the trip yesterday but couldn’t get in! Twonkey is the hot ticket!! I hope they’re not being tight on the way out. Whether or not Twonkey #3 goes pay-per-view could be something for Vickers to think about. Because it definitely feels like he’s gaining momentum. Four stars in the Scotsman, ‘close to genius’ from The Herald and, the crème de la crème, this here blog!

I’m pretty sure both of these reviews came from the show I attended, due to the incidental details and the publication date. Here they are:

The Scotsman (****)

The next show proves cabaret is a very broad church. I find myself at Twonkey’s Castle, upstairs at the Beehive. The Free Festival version of cabaret features an unkempt northerner standing in front of a heap of battered stuffed animals, a crumbling toy castle and a wire Empire State Building full of pink lanterns. There also seems to be a puppet made from a loaf of bread. Things are not looking good.

However Mr Twonkey, aka Paul Vickers, is an inspired absurdist whose rambling patter dips in and out of sense and who paints wonderfully abstract pictures of the world in song and in word. True, there are some walkouts. Perhaps these were people who thought they would go into a cabaret in a little room above a Grassmarket pub and find the Folies Bergare.

It is their loss. Mr Twonkey is a true comic original, whose shambling delivery conceals a real talent for wordplay and whose ridiculous catchy songs won’t stop running round and round in your head. He’s what they call a room divider, but if you are one of those people who get the joke you just can’t stop laughing. As the woman perched behind me said of the walkouts: “Where are they going? The man is a legend.”

The Herald

6.00: … and possibly the strangest offering on this year’s Fringe. Bizarre and surreal, Twonkeys Castle involves sock puppets, a toy bi-plane, snatches of recorded birdsong and a costumed Vickers singing self-penned songs about (variously) silent screen actress Lillian Gish and a beer and gin cocktail he invented called Hot Beryl.

It’s close to genius. I give him a tenner and leave with two CDs and his effusive thanks.

Three other punters are so moved/amused/bemused that they pose for a photograph with Vickers afterwards.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Love Struck Malcolm on August 29, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    I am hearing similar tales. A friend of mine got in after I told them about it and she loved it and told her mates to go along and they also didnt get in.

    Twonkeys Castle is the biggest grass roots movement since the Tea Party. He’s a bit more sane though.


  2. Posted by paul vickers. on September 14, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    jolly good show thanks for getting behind twonkey castle and enjoying the hell out of it…..there will be more next year with twonkeys kingdom!

    all the best,
    paul vickers AKA mr.twonkey.


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